Member Countries approve document of the ACTO Forest Program for the Amazon Basin and Region

Jun 28, 2021ACTO, Forests, Meeting, Press release

With the participation of the eight Member Countries of ACTO, the technical delegates designated for the discussion of the “ACTO Forest Program for the Basin and the Amazon Region”, approved on June 28, the latest version of the document.

The objective of this Forest Program is to promote conservation and Sustainable Forest Management – SFM / Integral and Sustainable Management of Amazonian Forests through actions of coordination, cooperation, and implementation among ACTO Member Countries; and it will develop the necessary capacities to follow the new requirements and deadlines of the global agendas of Forests and Biodiversity of the countries that make up the Amazon Cooperation Treaty.

The development of the Forest Program had the support of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

During the closing of the virtual meeting, the Secretary General of ACTO, Alexandra Moreira, thanked the efforts made by all the participants and said that this is a wish of many years of ACTO and that they have been working and negotiating and today it is serving. “This commitment that everyone is showing through their countries is a commitment of the Amazon Region to the world,” she argued.

For his part, the Executive Director of ACTO, Carlos Alfredo Lazary, expressed his gratitude to the ABC and pointed out: “We are fulfilling the approval of this Program, a milestone in Amazonian cooperation.”

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