Sixth Meeting of the 18th Session of the United Nations Forest Forum

May 11, 2023ACTO, Forests, forum

The Secretary General of ACTO, Alexandra Moreira, participated in the sixth meeting of the United Nations Forum on Forests and thanked the UNFF Secretariat for its efforts to consider the contribution of regional and sub-regional organizations in forest management. She also thanked UNFF Secretariat for collaborating with the Global Network for the Facilitation of Forest Finance to work on a forest finance strategy for the Amazon region.

However, she mentioned that there is a need to develop a more formal mechanism or procedure to effectively and operationally harness the significant results and contributions that government organizations such as the ACTO are generating to fulfill the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Secretary General expressed the desire to participate in a more structured manner in the technical and operational meetings of UNFF, presenting results and indicators at the regional level of the Amazon. Therefore, she requested a review of agenda item 3, subparagraph c), sub-item ii, to improve mechanisms that allow for the computation of achievements and results of Amazonian countries within the framework of ACTO.

She highlighted the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO), which offers the countries of the region a system for real-time monitoring of hot spots and, soon, more precise monitoring of forest fire events. Also, she mentioned the importance of shared and transboundary ecosystem management to combat forest fragmentation.

In this sense, she pointed out the need to expand the tools to generate data on degraded lands, which can be used to implement locally relevant reforestation actions within the framework of agroforestry and bioeconomy.

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