The Institutional bodies


Organization Structure

The Directorate of the Permanent Secretariat and the coordination of the projects plan and execute their activities in close collaboration and through consultations with the Member Countries. The work dynamics is carried out through periodic meetings of the Coordination Commission of the Amazon Cooperation Council (CCOOR), the meetings of the Amazon Cooperation Council (CCA) and of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, when they are called by the Member Countries. In addition, meetings and exchange of experiences and information are held with the focal points appointed by the governments in the various areas of action of ACTO.

The Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

The Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs is the highest decision-making body responsible for setting the basic guidelines of common policy, assessing the developed initiatives and adopting necessary decisions to achieve the objectives proposed.

Regulations of the Meeting of Ministers

Regulation of the CCOOR

2nd Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

4th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

6th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

8th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

10th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

12th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

Regulation of the CCA

1st Meeting of Ministers

3rd Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

5th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

7th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

9th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

11th Meeting of Ministers: Minutes

The Amazon Cooperation Council 

The Amazon Cooperation Council (CCA) is made up of high-level diplomatic representatives from the Member Countries of the Treaty. It is empowered to ensure compliance with the objectives and purposes of the Treaty, and the decisions adopted at the meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Regulation of the CCA

The Coordination Commission of the Amazon Cooperation Council 

The Coordination Commission of the Amazon Cooperation Council (CCOOR) is composed of representatives of the Member Countries accredited to ACTO. It is an advisory and auxiliary entity to the CCA.

Regulation of the CCOOR

The Permanent National Commissions 

The Permanent National Commissions (CNPs) are responsible for the decision-making of the Organization’s instances in each of the Member Countries. These Commissions meet, under the guidance of the Foreign Ministries, to coordinate all the works of the institutions responsible for the Amazonian development and cooperation in their respective territories.

National Commissions

The Meeting of Presidents of the Amazon Countries

It is not an ordinary instance of the Treaty. It is a fundamental forum for the dialogue on common interests, exchange of opinions on issues affecting the region, and consensus on actions aimed at achieving the region’s development through joint policies and strategies.  

The Heads of State have met three times in Manaus, Brazil. In 1989, they discussed the future of cooperation for the development and protection of the heritage of their respective Amazonian territories.

In 1992, for preparation of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. In 2009, in addition to addressing issues on Climate Change, they expressed their firm support to the management of the Permanent Secretariat of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (PS/ACTO).

Ongoing Projects

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