Ornamental Stingrays: Field trip aims to gather data for a population study of the species Potamotrygon wallacei (Chondrichthyes – Potamotrygonidae)

Abr 28, 2021Artículos técnicos, Proyecto Bioamazonía


Author: Maria Lúcia Góes de Araújo, oceanologist, e-mail: malugaraujo@gmail.com

ABSTRACT: The need to conduct a field study on the population and demographic dynamics of endemic species of freshwater ray in the Amazon Basin, used as ornamental fish, was identified and demanded by IBAMA under Component 3 of the Bioamazon Project. This is the case of the species Potamotrygon wallacei, also known as the Cururu ray, endemic to the mid Negro River. This paper is the report of the field trip conducted in November 2020, to the municipality of Barcelos, Amazonas State, to the main capture area of the species P. wallacei with the aim of collecting data to support population studies of the species in its main capture area in the Mid Negro River.

KEY-WORDS: Potamotrygon wallacei; raia cururu; Igarapé Daraquá System – Itu River – Bafuana; municipality of Barcelos; State of Amazonas; Brazil.

Technical paper (click here to download)

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