Situation diagnosis of the arapaima fish-farming (Arapaima gigas) in the Peruvian Amazon

Mar 1, 2021Artículos técnicos, Proyecto Bioamazonía


Author: Juan Martín Canturín García, Fishing engineer specializing in small-scale
fishing and aquaculture. E-mail:

ABSTRACT: The arapaima (Arapaima gigas) is one of the main commercially important fish of the Peruvian Amazon and is included in CITES Appendix II1; since in past decades it suffered from overfishing that endangered natural populations, until it almost disappeared from the Amazonian markets. Now, with the aquaculture activity, the arapaima can be sold in the national and international market, as this activity has been an important tool for the conservation of this species. The diagnosis carried out is a compilation of office information and technical visits to the farming centers in the departments of Loreto, Ucayali, Madre de Dios, San Martin, Huanuco and Junin, where an analysis was made of the rights granted under the new General Aquaculture Law, as well as their form of farming, the form of feeding in the farming ponds and the evolution of the CITES Certificates. In addition, a working outline of the production chain of this resource in Peru has been prepared, in addition to providing recommendations for improving the arapaima farming.

KEYWORDS: Arapaima; CITE (Centro de Innovación Tecnológica), CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), Appendix II, Fingerlings, Production Chain, By-products, Hatchling Raising, DIREPRO.

Technical paper (click here to download)

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