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The Project to Support the Preparation and Implementation of the Amazonian Strategic Cooperation Agenda (ASCA) being implemented through technical cooperation between the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC)/Ministry of Foreign Relations of Brazil and the Permanent Secretariat of ACTO, aims at the ASCA preparation and implementation, contributing to promote the harmonious development of ACTO Member Countries.

This Agenda is the strategic and guiding instrument of cooperation initiatives and activities to achieve sustainable development in the Amazon Region. Its implementation horizon of eight years began in 2011 and ended in 2018.  Currently, the revision of ASCA 2020-2030 is underway and its validation depends on the discussions among the ACTO Member Countries. The ASCA’s objectives and targets will be closely aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project will also develop the necessary capacities to monitor the global Forest and Biodiversity agendas. The preparation of ACTO’s Regional Forest and Biodiversity Programs will benefit from the contribution of specialized consultants and will be submitted to final validation and approval of the Member Countries at a Regional Forest and Biodiversity event.


The project will allow to conclude the negotiations carried out among the  ACTO Member Countries and will approve the following documents:

  • Amazonian Strategic Cooperation Agenda (ASCA)
  • ACTO Forestry program.
  • ACTO Biodiversity program. 

Also, the following regional meetings will be held:

  • Preparatory meeting to discuss the new draft Amazonian Strategic Cooperation Agenda
  • Presentation and discussion meetings or videoconferences with the MC under the framework of the Forestry and Biodiversity programs.
  • Meetings or videoconferences to work on the Amazonian Strategic Cooperation Agenda (ASCA).
  • Meetings of the Amazon Cooperation Council.
  • Regional Event on Forests and Biodiversity, on-site or virtual format, depending on the possibilities.

A Regional Encounter on Amazon Cooperation Opportunities is planned to be held under the framework of the Amazon Cooperation Council (CCA) meeting,  to identify concrete international cooperation and financing opportunities for the Amazon Region.

The ACTO Member Countries endowed with strategic and guiding instruments for Amazonian cooperation, especially in the areas of forests and biological diversity.

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