Venezuela is located on the nothern tip of South America. It has four well-defined regions: the Maracaibo lowlands in northwest, the northern mounttains, which extend in a wide arc, toward the east-west border with Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea, the broad plains Orinoco in central Venezuela, and Guiana Highlands in southeast.




Official name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

National day: July 5th (Independence Day)

Capital city: Caracas

Form of government: Democratic, participatory, leading, elective, decentralized, alternative, responsible and pluralist, with revocable mandates. Branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Citizen and Electoral

Political division: the country is divided into 23 States, 1 Capital District, 311 federal dependencies and federal territories.

Head of state: Nicolás Maduro

Area: 916,445 km²

Population: 31,804,790 (2015)

Language: Spanish (Official) and 31 indigenous languages

Currency: Bolivar fuerte


Amazon Basin Project

Amazon Basin Project

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