How we work?


Know how we work

ACTO works through the coordination and articulation of the Permanent Secretariat (PS/ACTO) whose main roles and  functions are to facilitate the exchange, knowledge, cooperation and joint projection among the Member Countries to fulfill the mandates of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty. According to its roles and functions it is:

  • Liaison: fostering consensus among the Member Countries to develop activities, programs and projects that involve national, regional and international players.
  • Facilitator: establishing spaces for political and technical dialogue among the Member Countries to ensure compliance with its mandates, including topics of interest of international forums like those related to climatic change, forests, biological diversity and trade of endangered species.
  • Coordinator: regionally managing and administrating the execution of activities, programs and projects based on the mandates received from the Member Countries.
  • Manager of regional and international cooperation support: financial sources are identified to carry out specific regional activities that have been entrusted to it based on the priorities of the Member Countries, with full respect for national sovereignty and promoting South-South cooperation.
  • Program and project executor: progress is being made in the consolidation of ACTO as an agency for executing programs and projects at the regional level.
  • Generator of regional information: producing reference regional information to propose analysis scenarios for the Amazon through experience and knowledge shared by the Member Countries.
  • Promoter of actions to strengthen institutional capacity within the Member Countries according to their needs.
  • Facilitator of participation and strategic alliances: the effective participation of Amazonian populations and actors is promoted through broad, democratic, intercultural, transparent, pluralistic, diverse and independent dialogue and interaction, strengthening the construction of strategic alliances.

Regional Cooperation

ACTO has the essential support of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) financing several programs and strategic projects in benefit of all the Member Countries.

Internacional Cooperation

ACTO has established an important dialogue with other friendly countries in the region and international cooperation entities to channel financial resources into strategic programs and projects for the Amazon Region, promoting the construction of regional synergies and avoiding duplication of efforts.


ACTO seeks cooperation with allies and strategic partners to generate a greater impact with multiplier effects for its inhabitants and for nature.

Existing Agreements:

Ongoing Projects

Amazon Basin Project

Amazon Basin Project

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