Vanessa Grazziotin

Vanessa Grazziotin

Executive Director

With a distinguished parliamentary career spanning three decades, from 1989 to 2019, Vanessa Grazziotin is recognized as one of the few Brazilian women with extensive experience in this field. In addition to serving as a Senator for the state of Amazonas (2011-2019), she held the position of Federal Deputy for three terms (1999-2011) and was a City Councilor in Manaus for three terms (1989-1999).

Throughout her political trajectory, she has built a solid reputation, particularly in the state of Amazonas, and is nationally acknowledged for her contributions. Furthermore, she has developed leadership and management skills, demonstrated by her role as the chairperson of various committees in both the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, including the Joint Committee on Climate Change and the Committee on the Amazon and Regional Development. Her leadership also extended to the Latin American Parliament, where she chaired the Brazilian Group.

Over the course of her career, she has participated in and organized conferences and missions both abroad and in Brazil, with a special focus on environmental, Amazonian, and gender equity issues. Her commitment to international cooperation and the pursuit of innovative solutions in public policies has made her a respected figure both nationally and internationally.

Edith Paredes

Edith Paredes

Administrative Director

She is a committed and highly qualified Ecuadorian professional with a distinguished track record in the field of international cooperation and social project management. Her work experience includes key roles in national projects, collaborating with organizations such as UNHCR, IOM, ILO, UNDP, and UNICEF, as well as governments and NGOs. She stands out for her ability in budget development, monitoring budget execution, and promoting the inclusion of socio-economic issues on the government agenda. Her active participation in working groups has contributed to the design and implementation of activities to strengthen livelihoods in vulnerable communities, and she has led external communication strategies to facilitate engagement with various stakeholders.

The ACTO Biomaz: Implementation of the ACTO biodiversity program

Cristian Guerrero


Braulio Dias


Bioamazon Project

Natália Méndez

Technical consultant

Guillermo Álvarez


Regional project to manage, monitor and control wild fauna and flora species endangered by trade (Bioamazon Project)

Mauro Luis Ruffino


Sergio Paz Soldan Martinic

Administrative, Financial and Procurment Manager

Isaac Ocampo

ARO data science consultant specialist

Lelis Saravia

ARO implementation consultant

Amazon Project: Regional Action in the Area of Water Resources

Ana Cristina Cruz Escalera

Senior executive assistant

Diego Silva

Technical analyst for the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO) Situation Room

Contingency plans for health protection of Indigenous Peoples

Carlos Macedo


Local Staff

Frida Montalvan

Communications Adviser

Marcio Alves Cabral


Maurício Casimiro

Financial Advisor

Firmino Rodriguez Cardoso

General Services Assistant

Priscilla Vanessa Del Carpio

Advisor to the Board

Érica Pereira da Silva

Board Secretary

Francisco Salles de Almeida



SAITEC Informática

Claudia Colomo

Technical consultant


Executive Assistant

Leonardo Batista Rodrigues

Administrative assistant