ACTO holds six thematic activities at the “Amazon Dialogues”

Aug 4, 2023ACTO, News, Summit

The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) will participate, from August 4 to 6, in the “Amazon Dialogues”, in Belém (PA), an event that will be part of the “Amazon Summit” program. During the Dialogues, ACTO will hold six thematic activities: socio-bioeconomy, fire management, biodiversity, indigenous peoples, water management and technical cooperation for the Amazon. 

In the area of greatest circulation of the general public, which is on the first floor of the Hangar Convention Center, there will be a 100 m² stand, where the projects carried out by the organization will be publicized, such as the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO), which monitors information on the Amazon Basin based on official data from public and scientific institutions of the eight member countries of ACTO. The stand received support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Around 10,000 people from the eight countries that make up ACTO are expected to participate in the event, which will feature more than 400 activities proposed by government agencies, universities, civil society organizations and social movements on different topics related to the Amazon.  



In addition to the Dialogues, Belém will host the “Amazon Summit”, which will bring together the eight ACTO member countries. International cooperation measures for the protection of the biome and its peoples will be discussed. At the end, the Belém Declaration, a document that will define the regional agenda for sustainable development, will be presented. On the 7th, a meeting will be held between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Environment of the eight Amazonian countries. On the 10th, a meeting organized by IBGE will be held with the different financing entities that will be present at the summit.



ACTO is an intergovernmental organization composed of eight Amazonian countries – Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela, which signed the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (ATT) on July 3, 1978. The document aims to promote the harmonious development of the Amazon territories, so that joint actions generate equitable and mutually beneficial results to achieve the sustainable development of the Amazon Region. 




Day 04.08

9am to 12pm, Room 01 

Dialogues on regional cooperation to promote socio-economic chains 


14h to 19h, Room 02

Dialogues on comprehensive fire management in TCA MSPs and regional cooperation


Day 05.08

9h to 11h30 and 12h to 13h, Room 02

Connecting science, policy and society as an input for decision-making: Rapid Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of the Amazon Basin/Region (closed meeting)


2pm to 6pm Plenary B

Thematic Panel: Indigenous Peoples in Isolation and Initial Contact (IPIC)


Day 06.08

9h to 10h45

New technical cooperation for the Amazon region from the Amazon Cooperation Treaty organization and strategic partners 


11h to 19h 

Workshop of water directors from Amazonian countries – Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (Closed meeting)



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Communication Advisor 

Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization – ACTO


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