Advances for the implementation of the ARO Forests Module

Mar 28, 2022ACTO, Amazon Basin Project, Amazon Regional Observatory, Bioamazon Project, Forests, Meeting, News

As part of the implementation of the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO), the Bioamazon Project and the Forestry Program of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) coordinate a series of meetings with Member Countries of ACTO, in the form of a virtual workshop, with the objective of advancing in the review, validation and complementation information regarding the thematic lines and forest indicators for the construction of the ARO Forests Module.

The Forests Module of the Amazon Regional Observatory will incorporate information on the forests of the Amazon Region from the articulation of pre-existing data from public and official sources of ACTO Member Countries, as well as from international institutions and platforms with relevant activities in the forestry area and in line with the components and strategic actions of the ACTO Forestry Program for the Amazon Region.


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