Project “Institutional Strengthening of the Member Countries of ACTO in forest management environmentally responsible and conservation of biodiversity in managed forests of the Amazon (ITTO / CBD / ACTO)

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This project seeks to strengthen and develop capacities of the different actors in the forestry sector of the Member Countries in sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity of the Amazon forest.


To improve forests and biodiversity conservation within the framework of an ecologically responsible forest management and to strengthen managing models and good practices of managed forests in the Amazon region with emphasis on community forestry. Its specific objective was to establish, among the ACTO Member Countries, a process to build and develop their technical capacity to strengthen and to implement forest management models and ecologically responsible good practices with a territorial planning approach promoting conservation of forest and its biodiversity.

Project Results

This project had three outcomes:

National Assessments on Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biodiversity taking into account the rules of national and regional management as well as the ITTO/IUCN Guidelines for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Tropical Timber Production Forests.

Training modules implemented in, at least, three centers of excellence in forest management to improve sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation in the Amazon region.

A Regional Knowledge Platform (RKP) established under the coordination of the ACTO to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences on the opportunities and challenges of sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation in the Amazon region.

Strategic partners

The project strategic partners are the Ministries of Environment of the eight Member Countries. The project is implemented under the collaboration Initiative ITTO / CBD to conserve biodiversity of tropical forests and is funded with resources from ITTO.



Sistematización de Resultados de los Informes Nacionales de los Países Miembros de la OTCA

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