Get to know the Belem Declaration signed by the Amazon countries at the Summit

Aug 9, 2023News

The eight countries that make up the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) sign the Belém Declaration during the Amazon Summit, this Tuesday (8). The document consolidates the consensus agenda of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela for the region. The Belém Declaration contains 113 cross-cutting objectives and principles.

According to the document, “ACTO is the only intergovernmental coordination body of the eight Amazonian countries for the joint development of projects and actions that produce equitable and beneficial results for the Amazonian countries, due to its institutionality, its extensive knowledge of the region and the relevant experience of its Permanent Secretariat in coordinating dialogue and implementing development cooperation initiatives”.

The Declaration addresses topics such as: Institutional strengthening of ACTO; Amazon cities; Amazon Parliament; Science, education and innovation: knowledge and entrepreneurship in the Amazon; Monitoring and cooperation in water resources management; Climate change; Protection of forests, Amazon coastal zones, vulnerable ecosystems and biodiversity; Police, judicial and intelligence cooperation in combating illicit activities, including environmental crimes; Sustainable infrastructure; Economy for sustainable development; Health; Food and nutritional security and sovereignty, as well as Social protection.

Check out the full Belém Declaration in Portuguese and Spanish.

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