Acto Forests Program for the Basin and Amazon Region

The Forest Program focuses on “Promoting conservation and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)/Integral and Sustainable Management of Amazonian Forests through coordination, cooperation, and implementation actions among ACTO Member Countries; and develop the necessary capacities to follow the new requirements and deadlines of the global Forest and Biodiversity agendas of the countries that make up the Amazon Cooperation Treaty”.

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Rapid assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Amazon Region

The assessment report for the Amazon Region will focus on biodiversity and environmental/ecosystem services, considering the Region’s cultural diversity, its complexity and heterogeneity due to the various geological, geomorphological, climatological, hydrographic, and biological processes. Also, its global prominence will be taken into consideration owing to its megadiversity, multiculturalism, and for its variety of ecosystems, species richness and high endemism, since it is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity wealth and home of about 10% of the world’s biological diversity.

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