San Buenaventura Hospital receives radio equipment for early warnings and to deal with epidemics

Dec 13, 2022ACTO, Health Contingency Plans Project for IP, Health management, Indigenous Peoples

A technical mission recently visited the San Buenaventura Hospital and the Madidi National Park in Bolivia. On December 13th, the mission went to the Eyiyoquibo community of the Ese Ejja people to support the activities of the second-level San Buenaventura Hospital. This hospital treats patients with medium complexity and is responsible for vaccination and fighting against COVID-19 in the region.

The hospital director, Dr. Santos Gutierrez, the mayor, Luis Alberto Alipaz Azcui, and the health secretary, Ivar Gongora Copre, welcomed the members of the mission. They, along with the Ministry of Health, are supporting the hospital’s efforts to achieve third-level category status to prevent the need to transfer patients to La Paz for high-complexity care.

One of the mission’s objectives was to deliver three radio equipment for early warning and response to infectious diseases and epidemics such as COVID-19, in the framework of the Contingency Plan for the Protection of Health in Highly Vulnerable Indigenous Peoples in Initial Contact.

The Eyiyoquibo community relies primarily on traditional medicine to treat diseases and infections. They only resort to the hospital for consultations and treatments as a last resort. The community consists of about 40 families, comprising approximately 300 people, including adults and children. They mainly subsist on fishing and hunting and receive benefits from the state.


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