Technical visit of the representatives of ACTO Member Countries to the headquarters of the National Water Agency of Brazil

Mar 6, 2023ACTO, Amazon Basin Project, Integrated Management of Water Resources

The meeting of the 2nd Steering Committee of the Amazon Basin Project was successfully concluded after a full technical visit by the National Focal Points of the Amazon Basin Project of ACTO Member Countries, representatives of ACTO and UNEP to the headquarters of the National Water Agency in Brasilia on March 2.

Upon their arrival at the entity, the guests were greeted by ANA’s President Director, Verônica Rios, who said “the Committee meeting is very important for the evaluation and follow-up, so that we can move forward in the next steps of this great Project, which is very important for the member countries”. Afterwards, the Executive Director of ACTO, Ambassador Carlos Lazary, virtually thanked the ANA for hosting the meeting, followed by the words of the country delegations.

Also present at the meeting were ANA Director Mauricio Abijaodi, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, as well as ANA and ACTO officials.

The participants then visited the Agency’s Situation Room, where the evolution of rainfall, levels and flows of the main rivers, reservoirs and river basins are permanently monitored and analyzed.

From there, the participants went to the Center for Instrumentation and Logistics of the Superintendence of Management of the Hydrometeorological Network of ANA, where methods and technologies for verification of rainfall and river monitoring equipment were presented.

This visit was decisive in observing the importance of each country having an integrated system for monitoring the basin’s water resources through ACTO management, so that the Organization can provide an online, accessible report within the institutional frameworks of the countries that are moving forward with the implementation of the Strategic Actions Program of the Amazon Basin Project.

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