UN: ACTO participates in special event in celebration of the 2023 International Day of Forests

Mar 21, 2023ACTO, Event, Forests

Secretary General of ACTO, Alexandra Moreira, participated in the “Special Event in Celebration of 2023 International Day of Forests” at the UN headquarters. During her presentation, she highlighted the commitment of ACTO and the 8 Member Countries to the adoption of the Forest Programme that promotes conservation, sustainable forestal management, and integrated and sustainable management of Amazon Forests through actions of coordination, cooperation, and implementation among countries. 

Also, she highlighted the implementation of the forestal module in the Amazon Region Observatory (ARO). ARO presents the regional monitoring system to develop early warnings and an information system on forest fires, which extends to monitoring systems on forest cover, degraded lands, and more, as a part of joint work with the 8 Member Countries.

Moreover, the interventions of the 4 Member Countries of ACTO, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, and Peru, were discussed at the event. 

Rewatch the event here: https://media.un.org/en/asset/k1m/k1md0cy4c3

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