ACTO meets with the Korea Water Resources Cooperation (K-Water)

Sep 26, 2022Climate change, News

ACTO Secretary General, Alexandra Moreira, met in South Korea with the Vice President of the Korea Water Resources Cooperation (K-Water) and the Research Director of the K-Water Institute, Dr. Nohyuk Park, along with his management and technical team.

In the context of an invitation from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Alexandra Moreira is in Seoul participating in the 6th Korea-LAC Business Summit while holding meetings with Korean institutions potentially suitable for regional cooperation on issues relevant to ACTO, such as the integrated management of water resources in the Amazon Basin, water security, among others.

On the occasion of the meeting with K-Water, Moreira outlined the work that the Amazonian countries are developing within the framework of ACTO, particularly the initiatives and projects in the area of water resources. She also shared information about the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO) and the Water Resources Situation Room, emphasizing the important effort in the development and implementation of the Amazon Hydrological Network and the Water Quality Monitoring Network.

On the other hand, the K-Water presented the work accomplished in the management of water resources at the national level and sector modernization with the implementation of its centers for applied research on water quality, monitoring, early warning systems, flood and drought control, modeling and scenario production, Nexus approach management, information automation, innovation in resilient infrastructure for drinking water supply and sanitation, among other activities, all of which have positioned the agency as a high-level professional and excellence agency.

This meeting provided an opportunity to coordinate potential technical cooperation between the two institutions on water resources issues for the region.


The Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) is the governmental agency for comprehensive water resource development and providing both public and industrial water in South Korea.

It is Korea’s leading public organization majoring in water resources management, preventing water disasters and providing clean water through its innovative water management technologies, based on its 50-year background, associated with IWRM and SWM (Smart Water Cities). K-water is one of the world’s leading entities in urban planning SWM and digital transformation (AI & Big Data), endowed with its cutting-edge water technologies.

The K-Water Institute develops effective water management techniques and was restructured as a center of five research institutes to develop effective water management techniques and present a vision for future water management.



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