Biodiversity Data Management for Decision-Making

Aug 30, 2022Bioamazon Project, Technical paper series


The Bioamazon Newsletter n. 16 publish the technical article Biodiversity Data Management for Decision-Making. Information from Centers for Biodiversity of Documentation and Registration In Ecuador. This is a contribution from the biologist Miguel Angel Chinchero Lema, consultant of the Bioamazonía Project.

Summary: The Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition of Ecuador develops initiatives devoted to strengthening decision-making based on biodiversity data from various national stakeholders. In the initial phase, the information held by the Centers for Biodiversity Documentation and Registration is upraised. These centers are categorized in Herbaria, Natural History Museums and Mycotheque. With few exceptions, not only do data management face institutional limitations that may affect data quality, but it is uncommon to share data on biodiversity management with researchers, academia or organizations so that these entities can reuse the information in the production of new biological knowledge that could mainly strengthen the management of the country’s natural heritage.In this regard, the National Environmental Authority promotes initiatives to dynamize data sets and establish spaces to promote visibility of Centers for Biodiversity Documentation and Registration, empower data exchange and create synergies to improve the quality of biodiversity information.

Key-words: biodiversity data, herbarium, museum, natural history collection, Centers of Biodiversity Documentation and Registration.

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Published in the Bioamazon Newsletter, #16, July-August 2022.


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