ACTO member countries discuss Proposal of Protocols for monitoring surface waters in the Amazon Basin

Jan 11, 2024Amazon Project

The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) is holding the first virtual working meeting to analyze and approve the “Proposal of protocols for Monitoring the Quality of Surface Water in the Amazon Basin”, developed under the Amazon Project, at 4 p.m. (Brasília time) on Thursday (11). The Executive Director, Ambassador Carlos Lazary, is taking part in the meeting.

The objective is to strengthen the monitoring of water resources in the Amazon Basin at the regional level, which relies on information from the countries shared in the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO). The Protocols should provide common guidelines for the installation, adaptation and operation of hydrological monitoring stations.

The Protocols will be discussed within the framework of the Amazon Network of Water Authorities (RADA), created in August 2023 during the Amazon Summit with the objective of achieving cooperation and mutual support in the management and monitoring of the region’s water resources. On that occasion, it was agreed to establish regional protocols.

The negotiation meeting is expected to be attended by technical representatives from the technical institutions responsible for monitoring the water resources of the ACTO member countries. The Protocols are part of the Amazon Hydrological Network (RHA) and the Water Quality Network (RCA), which were agreed by the member countries in 2019 as a result of the Amazon Project: Regional Action in the Area of Water Resources – Phase II.

To take part in the meeting, you need to fill in the Zoom form available here–l7-zstFrNu9rWk

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