Meeting between ACTO Member Countries on the reactivation of the Amazon University Association (UNAMAZ)

Jan 12, 2024ACTO, Meeting

On January 10, 2024, the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) held a meeting on the Amazon University Association (UNAMAZ), marking the resumption of dialogue between Amazon countries on the reactivation of UNAMAZ within the ACTO framework.

The meeting took place in accordance with paragraph 20 of the Belém Declaration, signed during the IV Summit of Presidents of the States Parties to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (ACT-1978). It highlights the importance of resuming the dialogue and cooperation between ACTO and UNAMAZ, considered a privileged space for the management of knowledge and scientific and technological information of the Amazon.

RES/XIV MRE- ACTO/26, adopted in November by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member Countries, reaffirms this commitment by instructing the ACTO Permanent Secretariat, with the support of the Special Commissions on Science and Technology and Education, to reactivate the cooperation and exchange mechanism with UNAMAZ. The objective is to strengthen its important role in the scientific and technological support of public policies, especially programs and projects aimed at the sustainable development of the region.

About 80 representatives of the Amazon countries participated in the meeting, which was moderated by ACTO’s executive director, Ambassador Carlos Lazary. The meeting was also attended by Professor José Seixas Lourenço, founder and current honorary president of UNAMAZ, and Professor Nazaré Imbiriba, former executive secretary, who presented the history of the association and some recommendations for its operation in this new stage, including the promotion of university exchanges and scientific and technological research.

Together with ACTO’s Scientific Panel, whose creation was determined by the Heads of State in Belém, UNAMAZ will play an important role in validating the information to be included in the various modules of the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO).


The Amazon University Association (UNAMAZ) is an initiative dedicated to the management of knowledge and scientific and technological information in the Amazon. Formed by dozens of higher education institutions, UNAMAZ aims to promote academic and scientific cooperation among Amazon countries, contributing to the sustainable development of the Region.

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