Canadian ambassador visits ACTO to discuss cooperation in the Amazon region

Feb 6, 2024ACTO

The Ambassador of Canada, Emmanuel Kamarianakis, visited the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) with the purpose of consolidating cooperation ties between both parties. During the meeting, Kamarianakis was received by ACTO Executive Director, Vanessa Grazziotin, and Administrative Director, Edith Paredes.

During the meeting, potential areas of collaboration between Canada and ACTO were discussed, recognizing the vital strategic importance of the Amazon region and the need for coordinated approaches to address the socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the region.

Vanessa Grazziotin emphasized ACTO’s commitment to promoting sustainable development, highlighting the need to harmonize regulations and seek strategies to improve the quality of life of local communities. Edith Paredes highlighted the role of ACTO as a strengthening organization. She stressed the importance of an integrated approach that considers social, economic and environmental aspects to achieve sustainable development.

The Canadian Ambassador expressed his country’s interest in collaborating with ACTO on initiatives aimed at sustainability and development in the Amazon region.

During the meeting, possible cooperation projects were discussed, including initiatives to promote sustainable development, environmental conservation and the strengthening of the Amazon region.

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