The new directors of ACTO commit to the Amazon

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Today, the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) officially welcomes its new directors, former senator Vanessa Grazziotin and Ecuadorian specialist in development projects, Edith Paredes. The appointments were unanimously approved by the eight Member Countries of ACTO and represent a milestone for the management over the next three years.

Vanessa Grazziotin assumes the position of Executive Director, while Edith Paredes takes on the role of Administrative Director. ACTO awaits the arrival of the new Secretary-General, thus completing the team of directors for this new administration.

The appointment and commencement of duties of the directors were officially formalized yesterday by ACTO. Vanessa Grazziotin emphasized the political and environmental commitment that will guide her management as the new Executive Director. She highlighted the importance of working for the Amazon region and expressed her admiration for the work done by ACTO so far.

Edith Paredes, the new Administrative Director, emphasized the importance of continuity and commitment to addressing the current challenges in the Amazon region. She thanked for the support received and expressed optimism in facing the new challenges they will encounter in the coming years.

With these new appointments, ACTO reaffirms its commitment to the preservation and sustainable development of the Amazon, as well as to the promotion of gender equality at all levels of its organizational structure.

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