Project Implementation of the Strategic Actions Program in the Amazon River Basin considering climate variability and change

(Amazon Basin Project)


Launch of the Amazon Basin SAP Project and of the Atlas of Hydroclimatic Vulnerability


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Dialogue and action in the Amazon Basin: for the world’s largest river

Pollution of the Amazon River is one of the nine critical problems in the Amazon. To address transboundary issues such as water quality, loss of biodiversity, among others, the eight Amazonian countries Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela, which make up the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) designed the Strategic Action Program (SAP), under three lines of action, the first to strengthen Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), the second to address climate variability and change, and the third to address knowledge management. Thus, the Amazon Basin Project – Implementation of the Program of Strategic Actions in the Amazon River Basin considering Variability and Climate Change, a space created for dialogue, action and social participation, a strategic principle of Water Governance.

Project objective: to support the Basin countries in implementing the Strategic Actions Program (SAP), promoting Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the source-to-sea continuum, which makes all the Earth’s ecosystems interconnected. This new concept complements the approach of coordinating the development and management of water, land and other resources to maximize economic results and social welfare without compromising the environment, making visible the continuous flows of water, flora, fauna, sediments, pollution, biota (living organisms), etc. that the Amazon River carries from its origin in Peru, during its journey of more than 6,992 km through the geography of the eight countries until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.

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The project will be executed through four interconnected components:
Component 1: Innovative IWRM governance model for the Amazon Basin. Under this component an innovative community-to-cabinet governance model for the Amazon Basin will be implemented to ensure efficient and effective bottom-up water governance, and improved ecosystem health and human well-being. A series of activities will be undertaken to strengthen the ACTO as a regional forum and IWRM coordination mechanism in the Amazon Basin, building on the recommendations of the previous GEF Amazon project. These activities will be supported by a financial sustainability strategy which aims at enhancing ACTO’s ability to pool resources and enhance understanding of conservation finance to integrate its IWRM coordination role in the Amazon Basin.
Component 2: Building community resilience and aquatic ecosystem protection to address impacts of climate vulnerability and change in the Amazon Basin.   .    
Component 3: Integrated environmental monitoring and reporting using an indicator-based system in response to indicators from relevant International Conventions and Agreements to assist the IWRM in the Basin.  
Component 4: Regional monitoring and assessment of SAP implementation.  
GEF: Funding Agency UNEP: Implementing Agency Project execution structure: PS/ACTO: Regional Project Coordination Unit (UCR). ACTO Member Countries: National Project Coordination Units (UNCP). Project Steering Committee: PS/ACTO, UNEP and ACTO Member Countries.