Invitation for External Experts to Comment on the Technical Document of the Rapid Assessment of Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services in the Amazon Region

Nov 16, 2022ACTO, Biological diversity, Biomaz Project, Regional Program of Biological Diversity

The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO), through the BIOMAZ Project, makes available the Technical Document of the Rapid Assessment of Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services in the Amazon Basin/Region for external comments.

This Rapid Assessment follows the conceptual and methodological framework of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – IPBES and seeks to assess the knowledge of biological diversity and ecosystem services, considering all the aspects involved and approaching the biophysical, economic, social and cultural perspectives, in order to strengthen the science-policy interface and promote the conservation and sustainable use and management of biodiversity for the human well-being. It was developed by a group of 118 experts on the subject and from the Region, taking into account all the guidelines indicated in the Scope Document, which is the roadmap to develop the Assessment and which was approved by the ACTO Member Countries.

Following the IPBES methodology, the objective of this phase is to make the Technical Document available to all interested parties, in order to receive comments and opinions from experts, to strengthen and amplify the information in this Document.

In this sense, we kindly ask and count on the necessary collaboration of all the interested parties, to comment and contribute on this Document. We would like to also inform the dates where the different versions of the Technical Document will be available, according to the language:

Date Activity
October 18th – October 25th Technical Document, Spanish version, available for external comments
November 17th – November 23rd Technical Document, English version, available for external comments
December 21st Technical Document, Portuguese version


To request the Technical Document (English version), access the link below where you will be redirected to fill in your personal information in a form. The Rapid Assessment Technical Support Team will personally send you the necessary documentation to the indicated email address, along with additional instructions to include your comments and submitting them.

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