OTCA, MPI, and SESAI share the possibility of a situation monitoring system on the health of the indigenous peoples in isolation and initial contact

May 10, 2023ACTO, Indigenous Peoples, Meeting

With the presence of the Executive Director of ACTO, Ambassador Carlos Lazary, a technical meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (MPI, for its acronym in Portuguese), and the Secretary of Indigenous Health (SESAI, for its acronym in Portuguese) of Brazil.

The approximation with both institutions was undertaken in the framework of the Project Contingency Plans for Health Protection of highly vulnerable Indigenous Peoples and in Initial Contact (ACTO/PAHO/IDB). The relevant issue was the specific situation of the indigenous peoples in transboundary regions that inhabit more than one country under highly vulnerable conditions.

The dialogue among the participants explored the possibility of a monitoring system for the epidemiologic health situation, through the Indigenous Peoples Module in the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO) of ACTO, as the viability of this initiative.

In this opportunity, diverse activities of ACTO were discussed concerning the themes of special interest on the Strategic Agenda of Amazon Cooperation of ACTO, such as the Strategic Plan of Health and the development of a platform for traditional knowledge and climate change, implemented by the Permanent Secretariat of ACTO within the scope of the UN Climate Change Conference, among others.

The technicians present at the meeting made several recommendations to ensure that the proposals addressed therein would be implemented in concrete terms, initiating the elaboration of the concept notes among the institutions involved, and foreseeing the formation of working groups for its realization.

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