The country is divided into three regions: Costa (Coast), Sierra (Highlands) and Selva (jungle). Although this simple division reflects the overall appearance of Peru’s geography, the reality is much more ricah and complex: in Peru, nature appears to take particular characteristics that make their massive mountains, plains, jungles and valleys into unique habitats. An extraordinary variety of ecosystem houses the most diverse plant and animals.




Official name: Republic of Peru

National day: July 28th (Independence Day)

Capital city: Lima

Form of government: presidential representative democratic republic, independent and sovereign social. Branches: executive, legislative and judicial

Political division: the country is divided politically into 24 departments and geographically into three regions of Costa (coast), Sierra (highlands) and Selva (jungle).

Head of state: Dina Boluarte

Area:1,285,215 km²

Population:31 488 625 (2016)

Language: Spanish (official), Quechua, Aimara and other dialects spoken in native forest communities

Currency: Nuevo Sol


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