The high vulnerability of indigenous peoples was the subject of meeting between ACTO and FUNAI

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March 21, 2016.-The Secretary-General of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO), Jacqueline Mendoza and President of the National Foundation for the Indian of Brazil- FUNAI, João Pedro Gonçalves da Costa met yesterday (March 21) to discuss the Amazonian Cooperation Strategic Agenda of ACTO regarding indigenous affairs, specifically the Project Indigenous Peoples in border areas of ACTO with the funding of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The meeting was also attended by: ACTO’s Executive Director, César De las Casas; ACTO’s Coordinator of Indigenous Affairs, Sharon Austin and the Technical Adviser, Carlos Macedo, FUNAI’s Director of Promotion of Sustainable Development, Artur Nobre Mendes, FUNAI’s Director of Territorial Protection, Walter Coutinho Jr. FUNAI’s Adviser on International Issues, Carolina del Ribeiro and FUNAI’s Coordinator of Isolated Indigenous and Recent Contact, Fabricio Amorim. The meeting was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (MRE), represented by the Director of Human Rights, Marco Cabral, and Natalia Shimada, from the South America Department II.

Gonçalves stressed FUNAI’s intention to participate in the activities under the project. FUNAI’s representatives stressed the cooperation potential with other initiatives, such as the “Project of Safeguards of Endangered Indigenous Languages” in cooperation with UNESCO, specifically in the Amazonian region. Among other initiatives, Climate Change and the impacts on indigenous lands and territories relevant for all ACTO Member Countries were presented.

Regarding the topic Emerging Issues of ACTO’s Strategic Agenda, concern was expressed about Zica Virus in indigenous communities that move within Amazonian villages and towns. Drastic impact for the survival of these communities far from centers of health care can be caused considering the fact that the vector is therefore easily transmitted.

Source: ACTO

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