The illegal deforestation in the Amazon region in discussion

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Brasilia, April 13 2016.- Experts on deforestation from the Member Countries of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) participate in the first Regional Seminar on Illegal Deforestation in the city of Brasilia, Brazil.

This three-day meeting, aims to exchange experiences and generate knowledge about illegal deforestation in the Amazon region. This initiative promotes opportunities for regional cooperation, facilitating dialogue among countries.

The seminar held by ACTO jointly with the Brazilian Institute of Environment (IBAMA) and the Brazilian Forest Service (SBF), seeks to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences of policies and strategies related to the topic in the region; as well as promoting instruments and operating mechanisms in the countries for prevention and control.

During the first day the following issues will be addressed: causes and agents, legal and institutional framework for controlling deforestation. On the second day issues related to prevention and control actions will be discussed; as well as technical, financial and logistical requirements. On the last day the Brazilian experience for combat of illegal deforestation will be presented and a visit to the Remote Sensing Center of IBAMA shall be made.

This first seminar is part of the activities within the project “Monitoring of Deforestation, logging and land use change in the Pan Amazonian Forest”. This project is being executed with resources from the Amazon Fund and National Development Bank (BNDES) of Brazil. Currently in its second phase, which began in 2013, this project seeks to consolidate the objectives achieved during the previous years and to incorporate new activities on issues, such as combating illegal logging.

Source: ACTO

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