The Steering Committee of the GEF Amazon Project meet in Lima

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Brasilia, March 3, 2016.-In order to present the progresses in the preparation of a Concept of a Regional Project for the implementation of the Strategic Action Program (SAP) as well as defining its strategies, the 7th Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project Integrated and sustainable management of transboundary water resources in the Amazon river basin considering climate variability and climate change – (Project ACTO/UNEP/GEF Amazon) will take place on March, 3-4 in Lima, Peru.

The Project was prepared by the eight Member Countries of ACTO (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela) to draw a consented Strategic Action Plan from the needs and objectives of the Amazonian actors to be included in the planning and integrated management of this basin, which is key in the regional and global level to the climate and ecosystem balance.

The SAP is the strategic component of the project, which establishes clear strategic actions to solve the priority transboundary problems identified in the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA). The actions focused in the transboundary concerns with regional benefits, as well as the development and strengthening of institutional mechanisms at regional and national levels for the implementation, assessment and monitoring, are keys for the SAP.

The TDA and the SAP are key steps in implementing the ACTO / UNEP / GEF Amazon Project. The regional TDA as the basic input for SAP, which is a document for analysis based on scientific and technical research and the participation of stakeholders, identified the priority transboundary problems, the sectoral underlying causes and the problems causes.

Venue: Sala Pancho Fierro II and III – Hotel SONESTA El Olivar – Calle Pancho Fierro nº 194 – San Isidro – Lima,Peru.

Source: ACTO

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