The study on the sociodemographic gap is the theme of the meeting with CELADE/ ECLAC

Jan 31, 2023ACTO, Meeting

With the goals to dialogue and address the issue related to the last phase of the study “Support for the Identification of Sociodemographic inequality Gaps in the Amazon Region: Proposal Indicators for Visibility,” the Secretary-General of ACTO, Alexandra Moreira, held a meeting (31/01) with the Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE for its acronym in Spanish) of ECLAC, Simone Cecchini with the research assistant of Demography and Population Information Area of CELADE, Alejandra Silva.

During the meeting, they discussed the final arrangements of this initiative which will be finalized shortly. This study is an initiative of the eight Amazonian countries through ACTO, which intends to present the state of the situation regarding the existing social inequalities in the population of the Amazon region, as well as the efforts put into the work by the countries to address the issue.

The study receives the technical support of ECLAC, embodied in the Framework Cooperation Agreement signed between ECLAC and ACTO.

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