María Alexandra Moreira López

María Alexandra Moreira López


Lawyer, specialized in Economic and Environmental Right. She has extensive experience in public sector, particularly in environmental issues such as water, climate change and in multilateral foreign policy.

She has held high positions in the Government of Bolivia. She was Minister of Environment and Water from 2015 to 2017. Also, she performed functions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia. She was Chief of Cabinet Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

As part of her professional experience in the diplomatic area, she was the member of the negotiating team from 2008 to 2014, for climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development and other issues. In addition, she was the Minister Counselor in the Embassy of Bolivia in the United Mexican States.


Carlos Alfredo Lazary Teixeira

Carlos Alfredo Lazary Teixeira

Executive Director

Brazilian, lawyer and diplomat career. Recently he was the Ambassador of Brazil in Ecuador (2015 – 2018) and in Lima (2011 – 2015). During his career as diplomat, he has assumed various positions in different countries. He was Minister Counselor, in Washington and Deputy Consul General, in Miami (United States). Also he was the Chief of the Politic Sector of the Embassy of Brazil, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and held the position of Consul General in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Atlanta, Georgia (United States). During his professional career he also performed various functions in missions abroad, as a substitute representative in the Coordinating Intergovernmental Committee of the River Plate Basin and member of the Brazilian Delegation for the Negotiations of the Paraguay – Paraná Waterway. He received the decoration of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, of the Military Merit, of the Aeronautical Merit of Rio Branco and of the Star of Acre, in addition to the Order of the Sun of Peru.

Carlos Armando Salinas Montes

Carlos Armando Salinas Montes

Administrative Director

Industrial Engineer with Masters in Economics and Administration from Boston University. He has a specialization in Environmental Quality Management. During his professional career, he has worked in the private, public and international sectors, related to the environmental issue, particularly to forestry.

He has extensive experience in multilateral agreements; negotiations in international forums; management and design of public policies; formulation, implementation and development of programs and/or projects at the national and/or regional level. He has also led multidisciplinary teams in public or private institutions; and dominates technical-administrative procedures; and financial management and budget management.

Lately, his actions have been associated with the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) as Regional Coordinator of the Biodiversity Program (IDB 2006-2010); as well as with the Deforestation Monitoring Project (ITTO -BMZ / DGIS -FA / BNDES 2011 -2018).

The ACTO Biomaz: Implementation of the ACTO biodiversity program

Cristian Guerrero


Julio Sampaio

Technical advisor

Bioamazon Project

Natália Méndez

Technical consultant

Braulio Dias


Bioamazon Project

Guillermo Álvarez


Regional project to manage, monitor and control wild fauna and flora species endangered by trade (Bioamazon Project)

Mauro Luis Ruffino


Sergio Paz Soldan Martinic

Administrative, Financial and Procurment Manager

Denise Maria de Oliveira

Communications Adviser

Vicente Guadalupe

Technical Specialist

Isaac Ocampo

ARO data science consultant specialist

Lelis Saravia

ARO implementation consultant

Janet Herrera Maldonado

Administrative, Financial and Secretarial Assistant

Amazon Project: Regional Action in the Area of Water Resources

Ana Cristina Cruz Escalera

Senior executive assistant

Diego Silva

Technical analyst for the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO) Situation Room

Contingency plans for health protection of Indigenous Peoples

Carlos Macedo


Local Staff

Frida Montalvan

Communications Adviser

Marcio Alves Cabral


Maurício Casimiro

Financial Advisor

Firmino Rodriguez Cardoso

General Services Assistant

Priscilla Vanessa Del Carpio

Advisor to the Board

Érica Pereira da Silva

Board Secretary

Francisco Salles de Almeida



SAITEC Informática

Claudia Colomo

Technical consultant


Executive Assistant

Leonardo Batista Rodrigues

Administrative assistant